Welcome to Mike's Dog Talk!

My fascination with dogs began over 40 years ago when I was a young boy. Shows like Lassie and movies like Old Yeller were childhood favorites. I had my first great experience with dogs when I was 6 and met one of my dad’s friends who owned five large and very smart Labrador Retrievers. I played with these dogs every chance I got  and through that experience, I knew even at that young age, I would always have a K9 companion by my side.

Because of my great childhood experience with those dogs I decided to save my money and purchase my own puppy in December 1972. That’s also when I discovered my unique ability to train and help dogs develop into great K9 companions and over the past 46 years I've had wonderful experiences owning and working with many different breeds including Labrador and Chesapeake Bay Retrievers, Rottweilers, Pit Bull Terriers, German Shepherds and Bull Mastiffs, just to name a few. 

I am confident, that through all my personal experiences with raising and training dogs, and from coaching folks just like yourself, I can help you achieve the relationship you desire with your K-9 companion. In fact I am so confident in my abilities, if I can’t help you achieve your goal, my services are FREE! You can contact me by going to the contact page or by phone at 410-458-4440 and email at mike@mikesdogtalk.com.